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Gajang Buddhist Centre resident teachers


There are currently 3 Geshes living in Toronto and helping the community by giving Tibetan language classes, Tibetan buddhist teachings, performing house blessings, prayers for the sick and the dead, etc.

Geshe Samten (Lama Samten) - 2014 to present

Founder member of Gajang Buddhist Center and Visiting Teacher.

Geshe TG.jpg
Geshe Tashi Gyaltsen (2016 - present)


Gajang Buddhist Center Administrator (Chanzoed).

geshe Gedun.JPG
Geshe Gendun ( 2000- present) 

Buddhist philosophy and meditation teacher. He is our main teacher.

geshe NR.jpg
Geshe Ngawang Rapten(2016 - present)


Chant Master and Ritual Master.

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