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Upcoming Programs

Tibetan Class for Kids

Learn to read and write Tibetan with qualified Tibetan Teacher. We will teach our students the basic foundation of Tibetan Grammar.  This is a yearly summer program.

Tibetan Calligraphy Class for Kids

This program is to teach children the art of Tibetan handwriting.  This will be offered during the summer break.

Meditation Class 

Our Class will be taught by Teachers who have completed their Buddhist Studies from Gaden Jangtse Monastery.  Students will learn the basic steps in engaging in Calm Abiding Meditation.

Buddhist Chanting Class

Learn to chant Tibetan prayers such as Lama Choepa Tsok, Palden Lhamo Dasol etc.

Dharma Class

 This program is to impart the Buddhist Philosophy subjects such as Logic, Buddhist Philosophical Schools, Emptiness, Lam Rim and other Higher studies.

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