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Welcome to the Gajang Buddhist Center in Canada's website!


We organize regular meditation classes and Dharma teachings every week, ritual and puja every month, making of sand mandala, Buddhist conferences and also ceremonies according to demand.

Gajang Monastery in India


Gajang Monastery was founded in Tibet by Lama Tsong Khapa around year 1409. He was a great scholar and major reformer, and is now recognized as such by every Tibetan Buddhist school. Since 1959, hundreds of thousands Tibetans fled from Tibet following communist destruction, occupation and repression of their fundamental religious freedom. The destroyed monasteries have since been rebuilt in southern India, thanks to His Holiness the Dalaï Lama, who acted with energy for the preservation of the Tibetan traditions through education in the monastic colleges. There are about 1800 monks living in the Monastery. They study Buddhist philosophy for more or less 20 years before graduating as Geshe. After graduating, they have all the tools to help others.


Gajang Buddhist Centre in Canada


In April 2014 Gajang Buddhist Centre opened in Canada, Toronto. The Centre was founded with the help of Centre Paramita du Québec. We wish that this will be for the great benefit to all setient beings.

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