Regular Activities 

At moment, these activites are taking place regularly:


Calm-abiding Méditation on Thursdays from 7pm to 8:30pm


Calm-abiding Meditation and Dharma Teaching on Saturdays from 3pm to 4:45 pm


Monthly Guru Yoga Puja (Lama Choepa Tsok Offering) and monthly Palden Lhamo Prayers (check facebook for details)  


These activites are donation-based.

Special event in Durham

Meditation Summer Class for Young Tibetan Students in 2018

Program of Meditation Summer Class for Young Tibetain Students

in 2017


Rituals, Conferences, Mandalas, as Requested

If you or your organisation would be interested in inviting the monks to perform some rituals, conferences, mandalas etc., you are much welcome to contact us. All activities are organized to support their monastery in South India.



Gajang Buddhist Center in Toronto is open everyday. Please call the Center before dropping by as monks may have scheduled prayers in family homes. Thank you.




82 Jameson Avenue

Toronto, ON

M6K 2X5


(647) 655-0965 (Tibetan)

(647) 637-8530 (English)

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